At Bobby Likis Car Clinic Service / PreRepair® (voted “Best of the Bay” & “Best of the Coast”), our Service Team is qualified, certified and extensively trained, whether it be by ASE, NAPA, BOSCH, ALLDATA, AC DELCO, or other industry-sanctioned providers.

100% of our extraordinary team of Professional Service Technicians are ASE-Certified. Each has the expertise & experience to service, repair, PreRepair® & maintain all makes & models of vehicles (including auto service and auto repair; truck service & truck repair; oil change services; engine service; engine repair; brake service; brake repair; transmission service; transmission repair; air conditioning service; air conditioning repair; power steering service; power steering repair; all automotive components except body work).

Vehicles include all domestics (Ford, GM, GMC, Chrysler [Jeep]) and foreign (including Mazda, Lexus, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Nissan, Mercedes, Jaguar).  No need to drive to Mobile for Lexus, Jaguar, and Infiniti service or repair!

Bobby Likis Car Clinic Service / PreRepair® has been featured in many industry publications, so we are well-known & respected for our technical expertise...and for our customer care. Most recently, two of our technicians are featured in the national magazine "Tomorrow's Technician," and we are proud to be the ““Best of the Bay” & “Best of the Coast” (including “Best Automotive Service Shop.” “Best Oil Change” and “Best Reputation in Automotive Service”).

And the best news of all is that with the development of PreRepair® at Car Clinic, we are revolutionizing the automotive service industry.

PreRepair® (PREvents REPAIR) is a comprehensive vehicle health plan that starts where "old Preventive Maintenance" (PM) stops. PM's obsolete because it's incomplete, but PreRepair®--an exclusive combination of technology, chemistry, experience, expertise, and commitment--is so good it's trademarked. An on-going monitoring & follow-up system, PreRepair® is designed to increase vehicular longevity & performance and prevent breakdowns. PreRepair® comes with a national, qualified Lifetime Protection Plan that not only protects you but is also transferable to the next owner (think increased vehicular value at sales/trade-in).

Here's our initial Visual Fluid Analysis so you can see with your own eyes the health of your vehicle's lifebloods.

Oil, Lube, Filter Engine Service and Repair
Electrical systems Smog/Emissions
Exhaust/System A/C
Tune-Ups Suspension
Radiator Brakes
Transmission Tire Inspection
Wheel Alignment Tow
Tire Sales